Since 2014 I’ve been living in a very small village in the hills of Victoria’s North East region in Australia. I exhibit irregularly in local and regional galleries and artist-run spaces. From time to time I run workshops in drawing, painting and print-making.

The world is full of inspiration for artworks, so I go out into it and draw or paint, or gather visual notes to take back to the studio and use as a starting point for something else.

I love the observational work – drawing in cafes, at concerts, painting at home or in the street. And painting the natural world is nutrition for the rest of the work.

The studio practice is a different kind of challenge – making works that rely on imagination, conceptual vision,  intuitive responses, taking on the questions of image and object making.

This blog was inspired by my son who wanted more people to see the work I don’t necessarily exhibit. Visual diary drawings, studies, old works that will never now be shown. And of course the stories – a small record of this life and its curiosities, the moments that need telling, the ideas that run around in my head.

Thankyou for reading, and I hope you enjoy it.


23 Responses to “About”

  1. Frank Burgers said

    Hi Maryrose, nice blog. Keep up your contributions; it is interesting to read such intimate details about a person and to share their story as it reaches across generations.

  2. Helen McGowan said

    Hi Mary Rose

    Thanks for sharing your blog observations and for the massage! (Mary Rose is visiting my home on this rainy Sunday morning transforming my space with a new character of indulgence, rest and sensory pleasure.)


  3. Wendy said

    I love words too Rosie, the details, the authentic, thanks for sharing. I think you are a wonderfully warm, talented, beautiful human being. Congrats on the Blog.

    Wendy x

  4. Gerry said

    Man, this is so much nicer than FB!

  5. Linda Fish said

    Hi Mary-Rose,
    It is lovely to ‘hear’ your words along-side your art works.
    I say ‘hear’ because when I read your words I could hear your beautiful voice!!

    What a lovely blog!!!

  6. Catherine said

    Hi Mary Rose,
    lovely to chat to you today in the op shop. I have enjoyed witnessing snippets of your life, expressed creatively. An interesting idea the ol’ blog. Ich bin eric blay…phonetically written dutch! Talk soon x

  7. Frinny said

    i finally found my way across your blog here mary-rose. cool stuff 😉 for some reason i had a different picture in my head of what your stuff would be like, and i have no idea why that is! keep up the splendid work. see you tomorrow!

  8. Ronne said

    Fantastic, this blog!
    Mary Rose, it’s great to see and hear how you keep on growing in your work. And besides that, it gives a good feel of you as a remarkable person 🙂
    I’ll visit your website on a regular basis!

    P.S. Still love to look at your work, the one with your flight ticket to Holland and the woman lying down.

  9. jenny bohner said

    Thanks for the beautiful stories. I love the ‘Dad’s hands’. It’s 35 years since I lost my Dad.I recently visited a cousin I hadn’t seen for years. He sat doing his books and looked just like Dad. I said, ‘Wow Rob,you’ve just reminded me, Dad used to wear reading glasses!It was a great gift to ‘see’ Dad that day. Thanks also,Mary-Rose, for showing me your fabulous work and studio. The light is magical.

  10. vicki said

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts and images.
    regards vicki luke

  11. dan mahon said

    hey mary rose- nice blog and loverly snippets and works- i love the van picture!

    being far away? – i miss the accents, the humour (or different sense of), but mostly the community- i grew up in a small place and i have never felt part of anywhere like that since.

    oh and the football!!!!

  12. mary jane said

    Hey MR you’re a brave and generous girl lots of love MJ

  13. lesley said

    High from Sydney Mary-Rose, love all your blogs. The comment about still life reminded me about being at school and eating the bread and cheese while the teacher was out{ she was partial to a nip of whisky, so we were pretty safe!) It tasted delicious! love all your art practice! lesleyx

  14. Hi Mary-Rose. I’m following your blog, but don’t seem to be receiving notifications. So sorry I missed your current exhibition. Busy time with family home, Easter and then Ross’s daughter’s wedding last weekend. Just caught up with your posts. I loved the drawings of the children. All systems go to launch the new anthology at Write around the Murray, Friday Sept. 7 Hope to see you soon. Lots of love, Robyne xx

  15. Mary Riley said

    Hi I am Also Mary Rose Riley!( Melbourne) Love your blog and your art work. Lost my dad in !987, brother and mum within a year of each other in 1999 and still grieving.My husband is an artist, and sons also!Thank you for your thoughts insightful blog,Mary Rose Riley , Melbourne.

  16. Maryanne Bower said

    Hi Mary Rose, I stumbled on your work looking at Rory McLeod and saw your pen drawing and went to your site. WOW beautiful, honest and sensitive, thanks for sharing! I have just dusted myself and my studio off and your work and attitude have inspired me further. Maryanne Bower, Blue Mountains

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