The solo show

July 2, 2011

On an artist’s CV you’ll see 2 lists of exhibitions – Group and Solo. The Solo show can be a daunting undertaking. Scarier than a group show and way more work.

Recently I was in a conversation about the difficulties of being a lone musician – too hard we all agreed. So then I made the connection to visual art (as I do with all things muse-related) saying yeah same with solo shows. But to my surprise a veherment response from one person of “Oh no – artists must have solo shows! To walk into a gallery and the whole room is full of Mary-Roseness. (or whoever) In a group show you can’t get the true feel of what the artist is on about – it gets watered down.”

Copy of self on card for ben 2011
I guess it’s like playing only one track off a concept album.

In the past month I’ve been fortunate to be around 2 friends who have offered their work to the world, solo. And both shows were amazing. The second one opened just today and the Lynne Gasperovness, like the Vicki Lukeness, was like a miniature world.

This week I’ll be in Kate James’ world and Linda Fish’s world, two exquisite shows in Melbourne.

My sincere thanks to all of you.


Sit for me.

January 14, 2011

It’s January. A year before me. And what shall I do with it? Paint people that I like and who will sit for me. It’s time.

As every artist knows, the best model is the Self – doesn’t have to be anywhere else. And looking back at the many Selfs, it’s a story line, a diary. Some are very scary, some odd, some sad, most very serious. (Try smiling endlessly at yourself.)

I like stories. Not just my own. So I’ve begun. My first sitter has gone on holidays. Her image waits on the canvas, half alive, small and thin. Ready for another layer to be painted on, another veil removed.

Who will be next?

Last year I trialled a couple of methods, restricting my choices. To take the pressure off when there’s a sitter, waiting to be painted.

self blue 2010