Poetry on the train

February 22, 2013

Reading poetry on the train, I’m always inspired to write a poem too.
Here’s a recent one, still in the rough, to help celebrate my friend Anna’s return to blogging. TrainDoorArchivist will be a great read.

Copy of poemTrain


Paint like a child

February 22, 2012

Recently I was invited, along with 4 other artists, to be part of an exhibition of works inspired by our children’s art, which would also be exhibited in the show. A fabulous project called A Child Could Have Done It.

The best part was remembering how children just draw or paint or make without worrying about the result ahead of time, and emulating that. So much fun.

Here is a painting by my son Tom just before he turned 5. It made me remember how he’d climb up onto the carport roof to watch the sun go down.

Gently comes the night

With veils of day soaked in dreams

As behind blinded windows we retreat,

But for children and the like.


She will wrap surprised creatures

In hues that unfold and hover

Like maids-in-waiting, then lightly

Drape the world in peaceful dark

Public transport

November 8, 2011

“It’s embarrassing

lifting up your skirt in public.”


Cold avoidance of eyes

Ache of pride

Anger in the voice

Humiliation – to find himself a competitor.


Drop the lip

Shield the heart

Last word

Walk away


And he is left

In the absence of word-arrows

flying away with her

Anger now awkward.


I look up

And he has followed her

into the next carriage

the next exchange

With hope (cruel and needy)

In his gait