An Ode? … mm

March 30, 2011

Well that last post wasn’t really an ode. But this might be. And maybe it’ll fit with a tune… something from a 50s musical western. No, maybe not.

At a quarter past twelve in the middle of the day

when the sun was high and hazy,

I took to my bed ’cause I couldn’t stand up

but not for being dizzy or lazy.

My nose drip dripped and my head was a bomb

about to explode for sure when

it became apparent as I slipped out of sight,

this cold was also a cure

For the too much to do and the so much to sort

and the having to get there fast.

In the quiet of bed with a doona on my head

my mind was clear at last.


Ode to the Common Cold

March 28, 2011

Last Sunday evening I sneezed a few times, and again on Monday. On Tuesday I went to work but was home in bed by lunchtime. It was a great relief to sink into my bed under the doona in the middle of the day. That’s the first good thing about having a cold.

As a child I had a cold every winter, and stayed home from school for a week. My nose was stuffed full of snot and my throat sore, but I had mum to myself. Sure I had to stay in bed but she brought me vegemite toast and cordial at regular intervals. Believe me, when you have eight brothers and sisters, its something you don’t forget. I think I might even have told that story already on this blog.

Back to last week. After that moment of relief things went rapidly downhill. Drip drip went my nose, and by evening my head felt like the bends might – too much pressure and too much pain. So I lay about for two days while the Cold had its way with me.

When I was finally strong enough to go out I went to my studio, knowing, for the first time since January, exactly what I wanted to do there. When I arrived I did something completely different, but that was OK because it flowed easily out of me. My head was clear and calm. I was clear and calm.

I had to be calm because I hadn’t recovered yet. But the clarity was the gift – the second good thing about having that cold. Too ill to worry about anything else, my mind cleared along with my head.

And what I did in the studio was play with colour.

Copy of 26032011625

Yack Folk Fest

March 27, 2011

Just a few pics from the wonderful Yackandandah Folk Festival. I only made it to the free stuff today, but normally a ticket to the whole weekend is the go. Live performance is the best – you never know what might happen!

yack fest 2011 1

yack fest 2011 2

yack fest 2011 3