Sad and happy

August 25, 2010

Recently I watched a 2 part drama – murder, family, secrets, shame, assumptions, the search for the truth, the system, loss, tears. The sadness of the story is still with me. A tragedy with a difficult end. Familiar to many.

It was disturbing and yet wonderful, and affects me even now when I think of it. To be moved by something is a gift, even if it hurts. Every now and then something gets through.

Copy of frottage1And then I got a Fwd from a friend who sends too many really. But this one made me laugh so hard my belly hurt! A good cure for sadness.


A room on wheels

August 16, 2010

Finally, after years of missing the last one, there is a van parked in my driveway. And with it comes a simple happy feeling. Looking inside, imagining the adventures that this little room can take me on, I feel that old freedom.