A few weeks ago I saw and heard the wonderful Rory Mcleod in Yackandandah. A teller of stories collected from all round the world, from conversations with strangers, small moments and big events. With a tireless voice and a collection of instruments he caught us up til nearly midnight.


Checking out his website I realised again how travel is a great educator. The only time I’ve managed to leave this country was to visit my family in the Netherlands a dozen years ago. It was the stories that affected me most, and I made work about them for the next 2 years. Many of the artworks are back over there on loungeroom walls.


dad's hands cropped


Fly away and see the world

February 3, 2011

Yesterday my very dear friend flew away, with her man and a back pack and no phone. Gone to explore South America. For twelve months she’ll be away, and I’ll miss her.

lint experiment 1 cloud

A few years ago I made a little painting in her studio.