June 10, 2015

This winter is already long and we’re less than 2 weeks in.

Looking for ways to enjoy it anyway, and to prevent a sliding decline into a dark hole, I’m making evening drawings – some indoors and some out.

Cave2_detail_smallCharcoal, (the wood fire burns warm) is the easiest thing. Smudge and erase and push back into the paper and leave a mark, on this cold night. Black velvet ink might show off the moonlight.



8 Responses to “Winter”

  1. La G! xxx said

    already… a peep inside your house…and inside you. Love the moonlight…as I sleep outdoors again in my swag in my backyard…under the energy of the trees and the bright energy of the stars x x

  2. Vicki said

    Hi Mary Rose,
    Lovely to see the winter drawings. I am gearing up for the Winter solstice! Love Vic

  3. I love the hint of the moon rising behind those mysterious trees.

  4. Scott Lindsay said

    Dear Mary-Rose, just randomly entered your name into Google (away on a night stop in the Orkney Islands and woke very early this morning). Thrilled to see your artwork here, very best wishes, Scott Lindsay

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