The first cicada and Romeo peacock

November 1, 2013

A week and a half in this little village. The start of a new section, as my friend Susie would say.

So quiet at night. Cold so that I have to wear clothes to bed and have an extra blanket, and it’s November. The air is fresh, the water rain, local friends pop in for 15 minutes and don’t feel awkward to go again because they live close anyway. Think I’ll do the same.

Across the road is a line of poplars that point out the stars in the night sky, and remind me of them in the day. Trees all around, oaks and gums that shelter our place.

Animals are more apparent here, especially birds. I’ll have to paint them sometime, and their sounds. Am still sorting out the studio.

There have been a few odd occurrences.

During an evening walk up the Dingle we saw a peacock showing off his gorgeous tail to a farmyard chook. Poor bugger, not a chance. On the way back we spotted him ahead on the road coming towards us, tail out behind him like an opera cloak. We passed each other, him taking a cautious detour behind a shrub (perhaps he was shy), and on we went. I heard him cry out later that evening. Hope he made it home OK.

A couple of days ago a beat up old Ford, circa 1990 went sailing past the house, a foxtail and Australian flag flying from the aerial. I wondered which of the weird political parties on the last election ballot was missing a vehicle from their motorcade.

Having a late lunch on the front veranda yesterday (pita-bread pizza and half a glass of Cascade Light) I heard the first cicada of summer. I like it here.

Day before yesterday was the first trip back into town and sure enough, as Susie predicted, ticking everything off my list would have been miraculous. I didn’t look at my old house. So much happens in 11 years.



10 Responses to “The first cicada and Romeo peacock”

  1. Vicki Luke said

    Hi Mary Rose,
    Life sounds lovely in Stanley. i loved living at Bethanga, peaceful and interesting, Very different from town.
    I miss the dark. They stole ours with the subdivision. Apparently everyone loves to be lit up in a built up area.
    Lovely to hear your transition has gone so well.

  2. Rosie, what a beautiful story. You’ sound happy and that makes me so happy. All my love to you and my dear brother from me Cate Dec and Tilly xxxx

  3. Jos Mahon said

    so glad I can picture where you are! and hear those birds too!

  4. Jen H said

    You’re so descriptive in your writing (as ever) … so have you moved or is this a short term stint?
    Jen xxx

  5. jenny bohner said

    “Like an opera cloak” …love it! Hmmmm…Maybe this will give you hope. My son would probably drive around with a fox tail and Aussie flag, if he had his own car, but the thing is, foxes are ferals, so an ex-fox is a good thing for birds, and he feels so lucky to live here in Oz, and supports wildlife programmes. He votes Green!

    • Hey Jenny, first time back to this in ages, and found your comment. I love the unexpected – the fox tail took me back to somewhere in the 70s when urban and rural weren’t so separate. And yes,the ferals are certainly changing our ecology.

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