Start stop start

June 6, 2013

Copy of cards_stitched-collage3

A bit numb after the show, after being away, after having a cold. Excuses I know. Just keep my hands busy. Make these postcards from throw away boxes during cold winter evenings. Resort to the comfortable old pull of needle and thread. Just make something.

Copy of cards_stitched-collage2


5 Responses to “Start stop start”

  1. vicki said

    Hi MR,
    The collages are gorgeous. Not just keeping the hands busy but making beauty out of discards.

  2. Sharon said

    And we loved the graveyard petals postcard xx

  3. Jos Mahon said

    and I just got back from more camping in bonny Scotland to find your card and thoughts in the pile of post. Always so special to receive! xx

  4. Anna said

    I love my postcard Rosie – cheery pastiche for gloomy winter days

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