A birthday and an exhibition

March 26, 2013

Today my youngest son Tom is 25 years old.

Although he lives away, I think of him out there in the world, living his brave and colourful life.

This week my exhibition, Elemental, opens at Wangaratta Art Gallery. My sons will be there, and it’s a marvel how happy that makes me feel. A strange business, being a happy parent. Taming this too enthusiastic joy down to a less embarrassing version of delight when they’re around.

Happy birthday my dear Tom.

Copy of Tom2009


5 Responses to “A birthday and an exhibition”

  1. Lesley said

    Thinking of you and wishing I could come to exhibition opening. Have a great time! Its freezing here in England. Lots of snow! Xxx

    • Hi Lesley! Yes I was sent photos by my friend Jos in the north of England – that’s earache weather for me I’m afraid. But so beautiful. Will miss you at the show xx

  2. Sharon said

    Oh Rosie, I can so relate to that. Good luck on your exhibition opening and Declan and I are planning to see it. Xx

  3. Ross Chamings said

    I remember this picture! Autumn 2011…?

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