The power of great shoes

February 22, 2013

Feet can be very difficult when it comes to shoes. Especially if they are naturally fairly narrow but have a pretty bulbous bunion just down from each big toe. Now, some of my best friends have bunions, and we could probably form a friendly society for frustrating feet, whose anthem would be the lament of the coveted shoe. My sports shoes are always from the men’s range – nice and wide, a bit bulky, and no colour choices (why that is I don’t know).

Searching for some sensible flats, I spotted a gorgeous shoe of the kind that I dream, on the specials table, noted the generous width, slipped it on, and it was obviously for me.


I’m not a big retail therapy kind of girl but this saved me an eventual trip to a shrink for the madness bunions can cause.


10 Responses to “The power of great shoes”

  1. Hi Rosie,
    your shoes look funky…I’d love to meet you for a coffee with your new shoes on. K

    • That would be lovely, when the weather cools down – they’re kind of wintery. In the meantime, coffee is good! Wear our favorite summer shoes, or just thongs are good, or should I say fip-flops, for the non-Aussies. Language is a tricky thing when the world is potentially listening

      • Jos Mahon said

        just thongs! I was just imagining HOW HOT you must be feeling!!!I remember thinking the arvo was some kind of building! I know what you mean by the power of footwear.I like my sturdy leather hiking boots ,they make me feel strong and determined! When i taught drawing. I always took in old boots for students to draw ,they express a lot of character of the wearer. Sometimes I asked them to take their own shoe off and draw.
        there’s hard permafrost outside today, so I dont need my wellies on to do the hens as its at least not wet!

      • Hello Jos! How gorgeous to imagine you in your sturdy boots hiking up those Scottish hills! The opposites across the planet always surprise me too. Yes it’s been hot here this long summer.

  2. anna b said

    I so get this post and bizarrely I am having the opposite problem – been wearing flats all my life and now have a medical need to wear a small cube heal or a wedge. Didn’t think I’d be able to walk but I found 3 pairs of gorgeous shoes – all on sale and I love how they feel, they help my fear of falling by being stable and look so cute. Maybe this not only the year of the snake but The Year of the Shoes as well – long live the diversity of our bodies – Darling Rosie ☆★☆★

    • Anna darling, can’t wait to see them on you. I’m loving these responses to this post – what a conversation starter! It’s a testament to their importance when shoes can mean the difference between walking or not. I don’t feel indulgent at all now! x

  3. Sharon said

    Rosie your new shoes are beautiful. And comfortable too – what a bonus. A lovely pair of shoes can lift one’s spirit no end!

  4. Doris said

    Loved this story on shoes n bunions.

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